about ME

Ma cheama: Alexandru Dobrin ;

Ma striga: Bobo ;

E-mail: bogdanalexandru.dobrin@yahoo.com ;

Yahoo Messenger: bogdanalexandru.dobrin ;


12 Responses to “about ME”

  1. isaBELa Says:

    si Bogdan ! that’s how Ionel calls you ! and Lili ! >:P

  2. ics Says:

    da, bobo! el, el!

  3. Anca Says:

    Bobo sau Andu 😀

  4. Alexandru ( MicroCip ) Says:

    Bobo= fost coleg de clasa cu mine ( in vis )..
    P.S.: era cel mai mic din clasa *(la intaltime)*

    Un mancator de McDonald’s
    Un pitic,gras (iertare IZA)
    (Si cam atat nu e prea special)

  5. puNCta Says:

    iiii ce misto priveliste! unde iereai??

  6. Soso Says:

    Iti mai spune lumea si Ugly Bob!!!!

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